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Helping local students connect with industry experts and academics around the world

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You could be a student, an expert or a volunteer. At SEF, we have something in store for everyone!

  • Interact directly with industry experts and academics that are hard to reach and exclusive via OneLive to gain valuable perspective and insight on how to customise and innovate a new career path for you.
  • 1 to 1 premium mentoring by industry experts and academics across the world.
  • Exposure to postgraduate, internship and job opportunities.¬†
  • Gain exposure¬†to your work and projects.
  • Teaching/mentoring experience.
  • Ability to make an impact on the Sri Lankan education system.
  • Chance to connect with young talent in Sri Lanka.
  • Develop In demand, skills needed for the job market when you graduate.
  • Working with a diverse international community/experience in managing a diverse international community.
  • Exposure to startup work culture.

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