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Helping local students connect with industry experts and academics around the world

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At SEF, we have something in store for everyone!


Interact directly with a curated list of industry experts and academics across the globe via our host of programs including OneLive, ScholarX and IRC to gain valuable perspectives and insight on how to customise and innovate a new career path for you. Our AcadeMix and Student Ambassador Program offerings will also get you industry ready by your graduation and expose you to postgraduate, internship and job opportunities.


If you are an expert in the industry, join SEF, for we host mentoring programs, where you can showcase your expertise to the scholars seeking guidance. You will also get a chance to connect with the young talent in Sri Lanka, and make an impact on the Sri Lankan education system with the plethora of knowledge you possess.


Becoming a volunteer at SEF gives you a chance to develop skills that are of cruciality at coming top in the workforce, and to get exposed to startup workspace culture, by getting in touch with as well as managing a diverse intercontinental community.

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