Without Education as the cornerstone in every nation's propaganda, it would have been impossible for the developed countries to be where they are. Sri Lankan student population with the remarkable privilege of free education has undeniably achieved quite a lot for a country with low GDP and a civil war background. Nevertheless, in order to claim the development we left behind in the past, we require a few major changes in the Education sector. Concerning that, SEF360 is intended to be the platform to collaborate the academics from all over the island to make a change.

Event Lineup

09:00 - 09:30 Registration
09:30 - 09:36 Event Inauguration
09:36 - 09:42 Welcome Speech
09:42 - 10:18 "Mr. Tilak Dissanayake (Founder Ants Global)
Bridging the gap between Education and the industry"
10:18 - 10:49 "Buwaneka De Silva and Hasitha Senevirathna
SEF Introduction"
10:49 - 11:30 "Mr. Rohan Jayaweera (COO Antyra Solutions)
A Guide to Undergraduates from an Enteprenurer"
11:30 - 11:50 "Mr. Suleiman Rameez (President of International Youth Council, Sri Lanka)
United Nations Approach to Open Education "
11:50 - 12:37 Lunch
12:37 - 13:38 "Team building and Ideation for open education.
Conducted by Without borders"
13:38 - 14:14 "Dr. Sohan Dharmaraja (CTO oDoc)
Path you should take to be real leaders in the field. "
14:14 - 15:15 Panel Discussion and the Forum
15:15 - 15:35 SEF360 Awards
15:35 - 15:41 Vote of Thanks
    15:41 End of SEF360 2019


Sohan Dharmaraja

CTO | oDoc

Sohan's background is in applied mathematics and he has a MSc in Optimization from MIT and a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Stanford University. Currently he is focusing on building the machine learning components of oDoc(Linguistic analysis of patient/doctor video feeds, patient/doctor matching based on personality/non-verbal cues, etc). Earlier he found SocialRoo, a boutique consultancy providing niche analytics solutions. Their work with Apple USA has been featured by the BBC, NPR Wired and Endgaget. Prior to SocialRoo, He worked at the US Department of Defense and as an algorithmic trader at a hedge fund and Goldman Sachs.

Tilak Dissanayake

Founder of Ants Global

Tilak Dissanayake is a product design engineer with 40 years of industry experience at a variety of companies. These include Boeing, Xerox, and various startups during the Internet boom years in Silicon Valley including Netscape. He has a BSc and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii, USA. He is also an advocate for making Sri Lanka a better place. He advocates for economic growth and high value added exports using product design engineering, to take our agriculture indoors for food security in this climate changed world using the “gold” in our agricultural lands, and for a “Servant State Democracy” where there are no politicians. Thus, we will be “served by the best, instead of being ruled by the worst.”

Rohan Jayaweera

COO | Antyra Solutions

Rohan, the first representative for Google Sri Lanka has assisted numerous entities and the local government in developing their digital practices. He has a deep understanding of channel/partner and ecosystem business development. Rohan has been a keynote speaker, presenter and moderator for numerous events, including Tedx SL. He loves dipping his toes in a new venture, whether business or leisure.

Sulaiman Rameez

Chairperson of IYCSL

Sulaiman Rameez is the Chairperson of the International Youth Council in Sri Lanka (IYCSL). In 2015, he joined the Youth and Innovation wing of the United Nations Development Programme of Sri Lanka, becoming one of the youngest Sri Lankans to work for the United Nations. He is currently pursuing his Attorneys at Law at Sri Lanka Law College. During his initial years at Law College, Sulaiman was placed first at the national round of the Brown Mosten Client Consultation Competition. He also won the Sri Lanka Inter-university Debating Championship in 2016. In 2017, Sulaiman returned to be a part of “Hulftsdorp Debates”, as chairperson; opening up the tournament to international teams for the first time in its organizational history and basing the tournaments motions on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. As the former Secretary General and current vice-president of National Youth Model United Nations, Sulaiman is a strong advocate of young people playing an active role in realizing the sustainable development goals in Sri Lanka. Prior to joining UNDP, he was elected as the District Interact Representative of Rotary District 3220, Sri Lanka and The Maldives, where he overlooked and administered 65 Interact clubs with a collective membership of over 2000 young people. In April 2018, he represented Sri Lanka at the Willem C. Vis Moot (East) Commercial Arbitration Moot in Hong Kong and ranked #6 of the 126 partaking teams. Sulaiman is also the founder and Editor in Chief of Sri Lanka’s first Legal newsletter; “The Hulftsdorp Post”. Above all, he is an ardent environmentalist and is known to frequently scale the mountains of Sri Lanka.